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Electric Lily

Oahu, Hawaii, United States

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Graceful Tulips

The tulip certainly has a beauty and distinction all its own. They have been very highly regarded in history - in the Netherlands, around the early 17th century, the value of this flower was extraordinary. One sale was recorded in 1635: 40 bulbs for 100,000 florins (by comparison, a ton of butter could be purchased for 100 florins)!

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Elegance Unfurls

I found this red rose to be particularly fascinating, with a number of its petals coiling at its base to form a ruffle look. The image was captured in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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Over A Barrel

The blooms of a Barrel Cactus grow in a circular pattern around the top of the plant. The Barrel Cactus is one of the most common cacti in the Southwest and can live to 130 years!

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The Scent Of Water

...at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots... Holy Bible, Job 14:9. In the desert, a touch of rain changes the entire landscape - beauty emerges from withered places where one cannot imagine life could still exist. This image was captured in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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Wink Of Daybreak

I felt this was an appropriate name for this image of several African Iris flowers blooming in the early morning hours. Iris blooms have 3 petals that sag downward (or, in some cases, outward) and 3 petals that stand upright. This image was captured in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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The Passion

The Passion Flower plant was named, by early European travelers in America, for the passion of Christ, because the flower structure seemed symbolic of the scourging, crowning with thorns, and crucifixion of Jesus. This image was captured at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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Neon Blooms

As well as producing a beautiful flower, the Foxglove plant is used as a medication for a number of heart-related illnesses. Quite an intriguing plant!

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