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Animal images

Broken Dream

The Morpho butterfly is one of the more striking specimens in the Lepidoptera family. Unfortunately, like all butterflies, it is very fragile and delicate. This is a partial black and white capture of a torn Morpho Butterfly on a leaf.

Foggy Day At The Beach

There were few sight-seers at the beach on this brisk, foggy morning. The only things enjoying the binoculars were the gulls... This image was captured on a blistery morning in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA - at a beach near Hyannis.


Twin Dragons

This is an image of two dragonflies sitting on separate leaves. It was captured near Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Playful Otter

Anyone who has watched otters knows how they frolic and play, carefree and enjoying life. This little gal (I found out, later, that her name is Maggie) would frequently hop onto rocks and pose for the crowd - an awful cute little creature! This image was captured at the North Carolina Zoological Park, near Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Exquisite Beauty

Butterflies are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, in my opinion. So fragile, delicate, and beautiful - yet, many make unbelievable journeys, facing all kinds of weather and challenges.

Just Relax...

Grizzly bears are certainly impressive creatures - very large and powerful, reaching weights of up to 1500 pounds! I feel fortunate to have captured this one relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day. This image was captured at the St. Louis Zoo - a wonderful, large, well-kept zoo located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Idaho Swallowtail

Yellow Swallowtail butterflies (also known as Anise Swallowtails) are incredibly beautiful creatures - one of my very favorite species. There are over 500 species of Swallowtails and they can be found on every continent but Antarctica! This image was captured near Castle Peak (in background) - near Lowman, Idaho, USA.

Lone Bison

The American Bison is quite an animal - huge, powerful, intimidating. A fascinating creature! The bison is closely associated to the history of Native Americans; one of my reviewers put it best, I think: The wind is soughing through the branches and brings far away stories of those glorious people... This one was meandering across a dry and desolate field in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA.

Love (Butterflies Kissing)

Butterflies lead short, but lively and animated lives. I was fortunate to capture this rare, affectionate moment between two Oak Tiger butterflies (also known as Caroni Flambeau or Banded Orange butterflies) at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.