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About the Artist

Hello, I'm Steven Myers. I highly doubt that you came here to read a book on who I am, where I've been, how wonderful I am, etc, so I'll try to just give you a quick summary of what makes me tick!

Steven Myers

I completed my degree in Visual Communication with an emphasis in Photography and Graphic Design in 1998 (I guess that officially makes me old!) and opened my fine art photography business in 2004. In addition to photography, I've worked in IT, real estate, tile installation, sales, and several other bizarrely random fields (never done fast-food, though…maybe I'll try that sometime).

Aside from photography, my main passions are Hispanic culture and rock climbing. Although I don't call myself a "religious" man, my faith is a huge part of who I am and I have a strong personal relationship with God and my savior Jesus Christ.

In the past decade, I've been fortunate to visit and photograph Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Mexico, Canada, Belize, Guatemala, and every state in the United States except for Alaska. During this time, I drove a 31,000 mile, 15-week tour through the US and also lived in Mexico for several years.

Well, I'd love to stay & chat, but I've already taken up too much of your time! If you're interested in purchasing a print, there is a link in the menu at the left but mainly, I just hope you enjoy and are inspired by my work. If you’d like to drop me a line, my email is steven_myers@macrocosmphotography.com.

Thanks for the visit – have a great day!